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Juliana, 30 years old, is set to reach the height of her career as a high-powered attorney. When she finds out about the death of her father, she has no choice but to return to her childhood home, but she discovers the house is inhabited by two disturbed, hypersexual girls. She slowly begins to realize that these girls are figments of her unconscious mind representing the physical, psychological, and sexual abuse she endured by her own father years prior. 

Genre: Fiction Psychological Thriller

Duration: 80 minutes

Scripwriting and direction: Irene Romero


Production: Dessu Productions


Nicola (30) an Italian dancer and the award-winning choreographer Ana (42), figures of the European contemporary dance, travel to perform their last work in Colombia, from where Nicola was forced to emigrate when he was 7, due to the murder of her mother.

Upon arrival to Colombia, Nicola will find out the truth about the death of his mother and will must start a sinister journey to locate the place where she was buried and free her caged soul from the evil spirits.


Genre: Fiction. Terror


Duration: 80 minutes


Status: Rewriting script and project


Screenwriter and Director: Maritza Blanco


Co-director: Manuel José Gordillo


Production: Dessu Productions- La Tina Sonido.


A suspenseful, intriguing, and thrilling story set in the context of Colonial art trafficking, where high society scammers abound, defenders of heritage pieces fight back, a government protects its historical patrimony, secret organizations operate, and innocent people are involved in custody-related accidents.


Genre: Fiction Series.

Episodes: 8 of 45

Status: Writing script and project

The Clarisse

Work in progress

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