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Prueba Superada (Test passed!)

Format: Documentary series

Duration: 8 x 30 min

Target: 12+

Original language: Spanish

Locations: USA, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia.

Topics: Sports, Travel, Adventure.

Original Idea: Maritza Blanco


“Test passed!” portrays the new modalities of traditional sports that young athletes have been finding to have fun and overcome their limits, through a game set out by Federico and AÁngela, two amusing adventurers who measure themselves against everything, while travel across the American continent.


Federico will start the trip at the southernmost on his motorcycle, and sometimes on his sailboat. Angela will depart from the USA by car and sometimes by helicopter to cross Central American countries. On their journey they will visit exotic places chosen by the other one, ignoring what they will find. What they know for sure is that they will live an unforgettable experience by facing sports out of the ordinary.


An exciting  program of travel, sports and adventure, which exalts friendship and shows us how to use our body for extreme sports - whether our protagonists succeed or not.

Mystic Sports

Format: documentary series

Duration: 6 Episodes (30 min each)

Target: 12+

Original language: Spanish

Seasons: 3

Locations: Tibet, India, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Greenland, China.

Topics: Sports, Travel, Health, Mindfulness.

Original Idea: Maritza Blanco

Thousands of years ago, Buddhist monks, Hindu teachers, Mayan priests, Inuit spiritual guides, challenged their bodies beyond their limits to find enlightenment, full concentration, mind and soul liberation.

Practices such as yoga, lung-gom-pa races (running 48 hours without stopping), Kalaripajat (first martial art), Shaolink Kung fu, Papantla flyers, Inuit Hunting, nowadays are adapted in triathlons, mixed martial arts, Aerial yoga, parkour, below 0 races, where the athletes, willing to discover their powers, have found again the mystical essence of overcoming their own limits.

This documentary research follows several extreme athletes in their practices, studying how physical demand turns into an experience that frees the conscience and the spirit.


Ultraman Antarctica

Format: documentary series

Duration: 5 Episodes (45 min each)

Target: Everyone

Original language: Spanish

Locations: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Poland, Greenland.

Themes: Sports, Travel.

Original Idea: Maritza Blanco


For Mauricio Salazar (42) Colombian ultra-distance athlete, winner of the Guinness record for performing a triathlon at the highest average altitude in the world, each challenge opens a door to the unknown. An adventure to find and overcome mind and body limits of contemporary human beings, awakening our inner natural evolutionary capacity.


But, how to do it? This documentary series will follow Mauricio’s physical, intellectual, mental and spiritual training, while he prepares and faces his fifth challenge: Antarctica 


An adventure that swings between pain and fascination.

  • Training in subzero temperatures with Iceman: Athlete Wim Hof (62), who won 26 Guinness World Records for endurance in low temperatures.

  • Swimming in icy waters with the free diver, biohacker and adventurer Kiki Bosch (27) in Boston USA.

  • And the daily training next to his Tribe, name he gives to his team of collaborators and co-adventurers, in the Nevados pPark in Manizales, Colombia.

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