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Underground Secrets

Format: documentary series

Duration: 10 x 45 min

Target: 12+

Original language: Spanish, English.

Seasons: 3 

Locations: Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Antarctica.

Topics: Science, Travel, Research, Environment, Adventure, History/Cultures. 

Original idea: Maritza Blanco- Juan Carlos Higuera.


A group of men and women scientists, adventurers and cave lovers from the Colombian Speleology Society, experts in archaeology, forensic medicine, geology, paleontology and ethnography/sociology, travel through the bowels of Latin America investigating the cave system on the continent, discovering scientific treasures and amazing landscapes hidden in the underground darkness.


In this series we will live the adrenaline that researchers feel when visiting diverse landscapes including  volcanoes, icy lands, descending from 100 to 300 meters underground and revealing archaeological finds of animals, plants and Andean climates dating from 8 to 12,000 years ago, burials of unknown pre-Hispanic civilizations, with their cave art that, like a book, tells us how they lived their daily lives. 


All this to understand the environmental cycles of the earth, the exact and perfect connection of the past with the environmental and social changes that we are experiencing in the present and to be able to project their behavior in the years to come.


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